For those of you who are not familiar of Confetti Philippines, it is a trivia game show on Facebook airing from Thursday to Monday every 6:00 PM with a price of $3,000 and sometimes $6,000.

Everyone can play the game on their mobile Facebook app with no other restrictions.

All players are given ten timed questions and users that were able to answer all the questions correctly will split the pot money at the end of the game.

I’ve played this game as well a few times but I got no luck to win which lead me into thinking that the game can be cheated at a great cost without using search engines.

What to do?

Call six thousand five hundred and sixty one of your friends, yes 6,561 and asked them to participate in one Confetti PH game. This number of people will guarantee your chance of winning the game.


This number is calculated with an assumption that all 6,561 people will have to guess each of the questions from questions 3 to 10 considering that the first two questions are relatively easy for everyone.

Since each question has a 3 options, you will need 3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3 or 3^8 (read as three to the power of 8) ways to answer the question. This is also equivalent to the number of people needed if you are going to guess the correct answer from questions 3 to 10.

How to do it in the game?

Since the first two questions are very easy, at the start of third question you have to divide yourselves by 3 leaving 2,187 to answer each option. Split evenly again for the 4th question. Do this until the last question.


Number of contestants left on 3rd question: 2,187

Number of contestants left on 4th question: 729

Number of contestants left on 5th question: 243

Number of contestants left on 6th question: 81

Number of contestants left on 7th question: 27

Number of contestants left on 8th question: 9

Number of contestants left on 9th question: 3

Number of contestants left on final question: 1 ( Winner with 100% chance )

Of course, doing this kind of cheating makes no sense at all knowing that the maximum price money is $6,000 and more than six thousand of you will split it. But then again it is really feasible to win this game.