There are a few ways how to reload your Cignal prepaid kit online without stepping out of your house. In my case, I took advantage of Shoppe’s reloading service which is more convenient and cheaper.

I bought Cignal prepaid load worth 1000 PHP for only 935 pesos. That’s 6.5% off the regular price and a lot less hassle compared going outside and purchasing it from load retailers.

To do this, take a look at the steps listed below:

  1. Open your Shoppe app and tap the green cellphone icon labeled as “Load & eVouchers”. The service is only open for app users only.
  2. Select Cignal and choose your desired amount
  3. Proceed to your preferred payment
  4. Once the transaction is completed, you may go to your digital purchase by going to your account dashboard
  5. If things go smoothly, you should be able to see the ePIN which is a series of numbers followed by its serial number.
Cignal Epin
How Cignal EPIN looks like from Shoppe

To use this ePIN, just text CIGNAL <space> PIN<space> CIGNAL ACCOUNT NUMBER and send it to 5353. Make sure your Cignal box is turned on or in standby mode.

Sample: CIGNAL  88861237923185 35145421 (send to 5353).

You may find more information about the ways you can reload your Cignal prepaid kit.